My Blogging Journey

How I started my Blogging Journey?


Writing has been a part of my life for a long time, though I was not formally introduced to blogging and the internet until I came to Kathmandu in the year 2011. At that point of time writing was just my hobby and I never knew it could help me earn money. So, let me say you my Blogging journey and how I started as a professional Blogger.

Before coming to the Kathmandu Valley, I had got some of my articles published in the local newspaper but had no idea about writing on the virtual world except the Facebook status.

It was in 2011 when I created my first Blog on Blogger and randomly named it as “The Flying Birds” where I used to write some random things which I observed in my surrounding and thoughts.

Back then, the internet was not so common, and the higher secondary study race made me forgot my blog. Later on, I again rebooted it but got suspended because of illegal clicks on the ads.

Though I had very little about blogging back then, I was always curious to see how many people read my articles.

I never knew whether the stats were real or fake. But I remember how good the feeling was to know that my posts had readers, no matter what I wrote.

My Blogging Journey

The excitement made me write some more articles for some time. After publishing a few (not so great) posts, however, I got bored of blogging.

How I ended up being a Blogger?

Five years later in the year 2017 after completing my engineering, I was looking forward to getting some job, and in the meantime, I got to know about people making a handsome amount of money from Blogging.

I too thought to try my hands over it, and with very less investment I started my first blog “101Nepal” which was a tech blog back then. I remember having zero visitors for the early three days.

But I didn’t get demotivated as writing was my passion and I always have been fond of writing. Before starting my blog, I have actively written many answers on Quora and some other writing platform.

To create Backlinks for my blog, I randomly mailed one of the most popular Tech Blog of Nepal and Bingo! They responded and asked for my article.

My Blogging Journey

Being new into Blogging, my article got published on well-known Blog “TechLekh’ which was an incredible feeling. It was not the first achievement; I even got a great job because of my blog.

The job profile was a Technical writer, and I wrote numerous of Engineering reports at my first job. But just after three weeks, I got another job with a better salary and great job benefits. My work was to write website content which I was already doping for my self.

I left my first job and started working at the fantastic company where I am currently employed. After my first blog, I started multiple blogs which I can’t mention here. This is a short story about how I started my Blogging Journey.

As it is my first post, I can’t explain everything in this post only. I will share my journey of Blogging, SEO, WordPress and writing tips on this blog which will be coming in upcoming posts.


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